Freedom Yoga is crazy about dynamic vinyasa flow

Sophie teaches community yoga classes for all levels with fluid, effective sequencing and a strong emphasis on finding and taming your breath. 
Freedom Yoga classes encourage physical empowerment with a sense of playfulness, tapping into the endless possibilities within you through effectively designed, creative classes that promote balance, flexibility, stamina, strength, connection and stillness
Take time to indulge yourself on your mat and celebrate your fabulously unique body because when you calm down, slow down and listen, that’s when you start to really find out what makes you tick. That’s when you find acceptance, joy, forgiveness, peace, hope, love and of course freedom.
Come see for yourself…come flow with me

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Silent Disco Junkie

Sophie is highly knowledgeable and teaches with a fluidity I particularly enjoy. I am blown away at how on point she is throughout the class and how much her high level of teaching skill translates into feeling that you’ve really had a great session. I love the combination of strength and softness in Sophie's classes. She’s fab!


Yoga Teacher /Freedom Fan

Since that first class with Sophie, Vinyasa Flow has been my go to choice for yoga - She had me at "inhale"!
Freedom Yoga is exactly what it says, Sophie has an incredible way of making you feel free in class no matter what your ability. Thank You Sophie for the freedom. Freedom to move , freedom to breathe, freedom to accept... freedom to just be!


The Motorcycling Yogi

Sophie has a calm, positive, clear energy. Her classes have given me incredible joy and peace, as well as helped me find strength and equanimity. My running has improved as a direct result of the physical conditioning and the mindfulness Sophie teaches and best of all, injuries are now extremely rare. Her classes are so varied and fun and at times a real life saver.

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