This class is designed to teach you the fundamental skills of vinyasa flow, giving you firm foundations for a safe and well rounded practice.

Vinyasa is a fluid and breath driven style of yoga, that invites you to realise the full potential of your incredibly complicated and magical body.

Join us on the mat to get acquainted with your down-dog, learn how to take life affirming breaths and enjoy a sacred hour with no distractions in a place where self enquiry is a must and connection to community is an unexpected bonus. 

Weekly community class on Mondays, 6pm at Gt Missenden Combined School

Meet your teacher, Steve Gough

Steve took up yoga in 2005 to try and overcome an injury whilst serving in the Royal Navy. Any preconceptions he had about yoga quickly vanished as he instantly fell in love with the physical challenge of flow. Yoga became part of his training schedule and over the next few years, Steve always found time to squeeze in a session, even in the desert while serving his country in Iraq! 

Steve started practicing regularly with me here at Freedom Yoga in 2012. He is one of the die hard Freedom Yoga junkies who have grown and flourished with me and for that I am hugely grateful!

As for many others, lockdown provided a unique opportunity for this dedicated yogi to explore some un-met goals and in 2020, Steve signed up to a yoga teaching training course.

The year-long journey to qualification provided several lightbulb moments; 1. Using your breath is key to connecting to and driving yourself through each pose.

2, A yoga brick is your friend and not an admission that you’re weak.

3, (and most important of all) A realisation that he’s been doing unconscious mindfulness for nearly 2 decades.