Meet Ellie Denman

Ellie is a vinyasa teacher  based in Amersham, teaching community public classes (when life allows!), private 1:1 sessions and also has a Teen Yoga qualification. 

With a keen interest in Qigong, her offering for Festival Freedom this year is very much inspired by this ancient martial art and I know you are going to love it!

Ellie’s passion for yoga has developed over many years of practice and dedication.  She qualified to teach yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), through their 500-hour Diploma Teacher course, taught by Tarik Dervish and her very precise and clear instruction, great sequencing and strong technique have grown from studying with a diverse collection of seriously well respected yoga teachers such as Gary Carter, Simon Low, Liz Lark and Jason Crandell.

The more recent introduction of Qigong into Ellie’s life has allowed her to find a deeper sense of self and peace than ever before. Qigong is a practice that cultivates energy – Qi translates from Chinese as ‘life energy’ and gong means ‘to cultivate’. It is considered to be a healing art and the foundation of all Chinese martial art. It blends movement, breath, visualisation and meditation to create healthy energy or qi flow through the body.
Because Ellie feels so connected to and continues to be deeply and very positively impacted by the practice, she now shares her love of Qigong by weaving it into her yoga classes. 

Enjoy Ellie'sQi Gong inspired vinyasa class

You can find her Spotify play list “Steadiness and Ease” to accompany the class here