Empower Your Practice With Props

Sunday October 20th             

A two hour workshop exploring the use of props for space, ease and stability within your vinyasa practice

Yoga props like bricks, blocks and straps can make postures more accessible, more stable and just much less bloomin’ effort. They bridge the gap between for example you and the ground or one hand and the other. a prop can help take the strain off a dynamic pose giving it a more restorative quality, and allow access to those postures that have always seemed beyond reach. Simply put, when used intelligently, props can allow for more space, more breath and much more happiness.

However, in a pacey, breath driven vinyasa class they’re often hard to use!

I have designed this workshop to enable you to learn how to use props to empower your practice pose by pose but also how to “prop” efficiently without losing your rhythm in the midst of a flow.

Sunday October 20th


Penn Street Village Hall, Penn Street HP7 0PX


This workshop will benefit all abilities, from the curious yoga virgin to the seasoned yogi. 

Places are limited so get booking yoga junkies!

To book you can ping £25 directly into my account with the reference WorkshopOct ( email for bank details) 

or you can click the button below and be magically transported to Eventbrite 

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Freedom Yoga Club November

This is for the chaturanga lovers, the ujayii breathers and the sun saluters. If you are into exploring inversions,  getting to grips with arm balances or generally diving deeper into more challenging poses  then  Freedom Yoga Club might just be your bag.

This intimate 90 minute class is a fluid and fun dynamic vinyasa flow anchored in creative transitions and effective cueing that encourage you to surpass self imposed limitations and allow your true magnificence to shine!

Friday 22nd November, 8pm at Penn Street Village Hall, Penn Street, HP7 0PX

You can grab your ticket by chucking £18 into my account with the reference FYCNov (email me for bank details) or by clicking  the button below where you will link to Eventbrite 

(Eventbrite booking fee applies)

Christmas Candlelight Flow

60 minutes of smooth, laid back flow set to the gentle glow of candlelight and a sweet twinkly soundtrack. The most perfectly delicious set up for a very merry festive season.

Reserve your spot of twinkly blissfulness for one of my most popular classes of the year. This is a warm cosy, slow flow filled with long breaths, comfy transitions and all the classics and if you’re looking for a sense of community from your yoga, this is the class in which to soak it up! The love and goodwill are abundant!

Monday 16th December, 7:30pm at Great Missenden School,

Church Street HP16 0AZ


You can ping a tenner into my account with the reference “Candlelight” (email me for bank details) or by clicking  the button below and booking through Eventbrite (booking fee applies)

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