Do I need to be able to twist my legs behind my head to do yoga?

Not at all! We are all unique individuals, some more flexible than others, some stronger, some with more stamina and that is what makes us all so beautiful! You don’t have to be flexible to start taking yoga but it certainly will have an impact on your flexibility. Better flexibility  helps to improve circulation and make for a healthier and happier human!

Will I find Vinyasa flow yoga difficult at first?

The flow yoga we practice at Freedom Yoga is pretty cardiovascular and you will definitely get your heart rate up and you may even sweat! People can find the first few classes challenging, having to concentrate on getting in and out of poses at a reasonably quick pace all the while remembering to breathe and relax. With a regular practice however, you will soon get the hang of it and be floating in and out of postures like you have been doing it for years! Yoga is invigorating and energizing and most of all incredibly fulfilling, so stick with it and you will reap untold benefits, particularly from the blissful final relaxation

Do I need to bring anything?

A willing body and an open mind are essential! You may also want to bring a mat, however I do have spare ones to lend out if you forget yours, or just want to try Freedom Yoga on for size before you invest in one yourself. A bottle of water and maybe a small towel can be helpful too. Remember to wear comfortable and loose clothing that allows you freedom to move.

Can yoga help me with weight loss?

Absolutely! Combining movement with breath helps to increase your metabolism and your heart rate as well as burning calories. A regular practice will improve your posture and muscle tone helping you to look and feel longer and leaner. You will very often find that practising yoga will also make you more conscious and mindful of when and what you are eating and how you are taking care of your body.

Can I still practice yoga if I am recovering from an injury?

Another big yes to that! Yoga has been proven to benefit people with sports injuries as well as some chronic conditions, helping to heal and strengthen the entire body. I would stress however, that you let me know of any conditions you have so I can help you make the most of your class and offer modifications of postures to aid in your safe recovery. I ask every Freedom Yogi to complete a registration form prior to taking their first class.

How often should I practice yoga?

Well, now there’s a question! The more you practice, the more benefits you will reap, of course. The dedicated gurus would tell you to make time each day, however we live in the real world with jobs and kids and deadlines and nights out to fit in too! Realistically, if you can get on your mat twice a week then you will soon see the changes starting to happen in your body and your mind too – Yoga will help you become more able to deal with all those stressful parts of your life and enjoy the quiet time equally. So make time for yourself to strengthen, tone, relax, calm and centre your whole self.

Go on, give Freedom Yoga a whirl!