Meet Kirsty Lowe

This no nonsense, teeny tiny powerhouse of a woman is the founder of Sweat Studios in Milton Keynes. 

Kirsty and I met teaching at Absolute Hot Yoga in Gerrards Cross about 7 years ago and I am thrilled she is “coming back” to south Bucks to teach her all levels hatha class at Festival Freedom.

Kirsty’s first yoga experience was painful. It was an intimidating Astanga class almost 20 years ago. Her tight hamstrings were publicly shamed in front of a large group of total strangers, the chanting made he want to jump into a hole and she couldn’t leave the room fast enough.

For some reason though, she went back!

Several years later Kirsty discovered Hot Yoga in Singapore and finally felt at home with yoga. Kirsty graduated from Absolute Hot Yoga teacher training in 2013 and opened Sweat 2 years later. Last year she opened a second studio in neighbouring Buckingham.

Sweat Studios is about demystifying yoga, stripping it of all of the jargon to give you a way to better understand your body, stay fit and healthy and get a really great workout.

Kirsty teaches a brilliantly precise, all levels, hatha class filled with some of the all time classics.