Meet Mische Howard

Based in Thame, Mische’s fabulous style of energy driven teaching draws from the many schools of yoga she has studied over twenty years, including, Jivamukti, Astanga, vinyasa,Kundalini and Restoratve yoga. At this year’s virtual festival she is taking you through a beautiful energy filled Kundalini practice. 

Mische is super creative in her approach to teaching and has a great passion for encouraging students to explore aspects of mindfulness and yogic philosophy in her classes in a really relatable manner.  

As well as teaching yoga, this talented Goddess is just launching her first clothing line which you can check out on Insta: @re.storeyoga

Your Kundalini energy is your true potential, your soul purpose. Kundalini yoga works on the energy centres in the the body to wake you up to this life force within you. In this modern style of Kundalini yoga you can expect to change how you feel almost instantly because it is designed to move your body in a way that can help you to free your mind. 

The movements are repetitive and simple to follow, there are no poses to perfect, which allows your mind to drop into your body quickly where you can lose yourself in the experience. 

This practice is the best yoga dance party yet!

Enjoy Mische’s Kundalini practice, “I Can, I Will” to uplift and energise you