Meet Tessa Rohrig

Originally from Amsterdam, Tessa brings over two decades of Yin and Bikram yoga experience to the table at Festival Freedom.

This gorgeous Mum of two boys is not only  a wonderful teacher, she is a very successful businesswoman, creator of the thriving boutique studio Yin and Yoga in Chalfont-St. Giles.

We are so lucky to have her offering of 60 minutes of Yin themed around connection.

Since receiving accreditation from the Bikram Yoga College of India in Los Angeles and the Yin Yoga programme in Singapore, Tessa has developed and shared her skills with fellow yogi’s across the US, Asia and Europe.

Tessa’s yoga journey has evolved greatly over the years. It combines a dynamic, strength and alignment focused yang practice with a softer, more personal and balanced yin practice. This combination has helped Tessa develop her personal style into one that is softer, intuitive and more aligned to the sensations and needs of the human body. She specialises in Yin and Bikram and is passionate about restoring balance within the mind, body and soul through authentic yoga.

Enjoy Tessa's compassionate,calm and intuitive Connection themed Yin Yoga practice