The ultimate collision of power and grace,

Inside flow was found by Young Ho Kim, a passionate teacher of yoga who felt his deep connection to music and the joy he got from flowing with the beat was way too exhilarating to be kept a secret! 

Based on vinyasa flow, Inside Flow links yoga poses with smooth and controlled transitions and is practised to the rhythm of the music.
The speed of the music defines the speed of the breath, making this an intense breathing practice.
The alignment of your energy with the soundtrack  and the lightness of your transitions makes for a seamless, graceful and liberating practice.

This practice over 60 minutes invites you to embody spanda, the divine vibration that lives in all of us, allowing you to become more present in the moment, with a greater sense of connection and joy.

Inside Flow is fun, sometimes challenging, always exhilarating and undoubtedly the greatest legal high!

I’m pretty stoked to be the second certified Inside Flow teacher teacher in the UK, joining a fantastic global community of passionate leaders and avid practitioners. 
so, if you fancy joining the Inside Flow family…

Next INSIDE FLOW dates

SILENT DISCO 🎧 Friday 21st June, 7pm, Meadle

Sunday 14th July, 9:30am, Penn Street